WELSHfest 2017 - Saturday, March 15, 2014
 The Children's Area
WELSHfest 2017 has set aside several special area for our children*

Our friends at

The Rockmart Arts Center

has created a special 'dragon' project for this year's  festival.
Our young artistans will be sent on a scavenger hunt around the festival grounds to collect the needed items and then will return to the Children's tent to create an one of the
kind artistic treasure.

This event is free will be from
10am to noon
and open to all children.

for the Kids

A special WELLY WANGING tournament will be held for the under 16's with special prizes.

  will be across from the Bank on Church Street and will feature soccer, t-ball and the BIG slide!.

Balloon Betty
is returning to make
her wonderful
Balloon masterpieces.
Look for her to be wandering around the festival grounds!

*Rocky wants all the parents to know an adult must be with children while they are participating in any of the WELSHfest children's activities.

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