WELSHfest 2018 - Saturday, March 15, 2014
For Candidates for Public Office:

We ask that you honor the goal of WELSHfest to be a non-partisan, non-political family oriented community event.  With this in mind, we ask you (and your volunteers) to:

refrain from personal attacks against your opponent and/or their party or organization

be mindful of litter that may be caused by campaign literature left behind or dropped

that you not hand out or give away any food or beverages, respecting the fund raising needs of the community based service organizations that have these concessions at the festival

that you respect the parking needs of the festival attendees and not occupy prime parking spots with vehicles whose purpose is campaign advertising

the festival committee will not ask any candidate for public office to make presentations, be judges or otherwise participate in an official manner, lest it appear that the festival is supporting one candidate over another. 

Thank you for your respect of the goals of our festival.

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