WELSHfest 2017 - Saturday, March 15, 2014
Rules for the WELSHfest  Honey Contest
1. Once honey has been accepted into the competition by the Steward, it is the responsibility of WELSHfest 2016 to protect the entries from being handled or tampered with in any way.
2. After submitting entries to the Steward, competitors may not enter the area where the entries have been placed.
3. The Steward or Judges are the only persons who may enter the honey judging area.

General Rules:
All entries must be submitted by 11:00am with winners being announced by 1:00pm
All entries must be produced by the contestant within the last calendar year.
Each member may make one entry only in each class. Families may have two entries with each entry under a separate name.

Extracted Honey:
All forms of extracted honey are to be presented in one pound glass jars.
Extracted honey is judged in three classes: light, medium, and dark.
Entrants may submit one entry in each of these three classes.
One entry of extracted honey is defined as three (3) one pound jars.
Jars must be either:
1. one pound glass Queenline jars with a 48mm diameter mouth, or
2. one pound glass Queenline jars with a 58mm diameter mouth
3. Lids may be either metal or plastic.
Considerations: When judging extracted honey, the judges evaluate the following characteristics of each entry:
· No labels on the jars.
· Do not use tamper proof seals
Cleanliness of the jar and lid
Correct fill level
Uniformity of the three jars that comprise the entry
Cleanliness and clarity of the honey
Moisture content
Aroma and flavor
Chunk Honey
1. One entry of chunk honey is defined as three (3) 1 lb sized jars.
2. Chunk honey must be displayed in straight sided, glass, wide mouth, jars.
3. The glass should not be embossed. Such jars are available from many commercial beekeeping suppliers.
4. Only one chunk of honey should be in each jar for competition.
Considerations: The criteria cited above for judging extracted honey apply to judging chunk honey as well.
The chunk of comb must be in one piece.
The cuts should be clean and uniform.
The chunk comb should be cut and sized to appropriately fit the container. Honey should fill the rest of the jar to the appropriate fill line.
The comb “chevrons” should be pointed upward.
The comb should extend the length of the jar
Comb is judged for equal amounts on either side of the center rib and cappings that are neither sunken nor perforated
Welsh Slate Medallions will awarded to best in each class.
For more information: cymruga@gmail.com
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