WELSHfest 2017 - Saturday, March 15, 2014

At Noon
Saturday, March 18th
Come and Join
Miss Flossie
as she chooses the 2017

Our 5th Annual
“Rockmart  Men
(in Kilts)”
will take place on the steps of the Rockmart Historical Museum at noon on Saturday March 19th.A dozen brave men will subject their knees to the talented & expert  hands of  JUDGE FLOSSIE FERGUSEN  as they compete for the title of "Bonniest Knees in Rockmart" and the right to 
 display the coveted
Trophy in their home for a year.

The 2017 contest will be limited to 12 men of exceedingly good character, nice legs and the willingness to add to the sense of good humor of the day.

Slate Awards, hand crafted by Valley Mill, Neath, Wales, will be awarded for Bonniest Knees, and the Crowd Favorite.

A strong sense of humor is required for this event!
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