WELSHfest 2017 - Saturday, March 15, 2014
5th Annual
Great Georgia
In simplest terms:

The sport of Welly Wanging (or Wellington Boot Throwing) is played with the upmost of Welsh & Rockmartian  sportsmanship and a large smattering of sense of humor.

The premise is blindingly simple - all competitors have to do is wang (throw) a Wellington boot (the welly) as far as possible within defined boundary lines.

It's pretty much the same as the javelin event in the Olympics with the exception that a welly is unlikely to ever skewer an unexpecting judge, photographer or spectator.

The WELSHfest WELLY WANGING Competition is fully sanctioned by the
the official governing body of
Welly Wanging in Georgia.

Prizes and Titles
The title of the
Best Wanger in Rockmart
is awarded for the longest Wang in each group (Men's, Women's, Under 16, & under 12) as well as a
Keep Calm and Wang On t-shirt
The over all worst Wang by an adult (man or woman) receives the Inflatable Daffodil Award

The WELSHfest
Welly Wanging Judges
have been trained and certified by the GWWWO and their decisions are final
(sort of).

Our Official Set of Wellies have been supplied by our sponsor:WELSHWELLIES.

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